BROKISGLASS is made of a by product of the manufacturing operations at Janštejn Glassworks, which produces lighting technology. The material comprises shards of high-quality glass and remnants of handblown glass lighting components that would otherwise be disposed of in a landfill. 

BROKISGLASS has a broad range of applications. The base product are sheets measuring 70 x 70 cm. These can be cut with a water jet and then bent, glued, or sealed together. The material is used in construction, architecture, and interior and product design. 

You can see BROKISGLASS at Janštejn Glassworks, where it is produced. We also have a global network of sales partners who will be happy to show the material to you. You may also write us for samples of BROKISGLASS. 

The base size of sheets of BROKISGLASS is 70 x 7centimetres, but the dimensions can be customized to meet your specific needs. The thickness of the sheets ranges from 6 to 10 mm depending on the thickness of the glass shards.

The spectrum of colours available for BROKISGLASS are identical to those used at Janštejn Glassworks in the manufacture of lighting glassThere are 14 base colour combinations, from white (triplex opal) to shades of yellow, pink, orange, and red as well as shades of blue, brown, and grey. The varying thickness of the sheets means each one is a genuine original.

BROKISGLASS is manufactured from glass shards, which substantially reduces waste glass that would normally be sent to a landfill. It is one way our company is helping to build a healthy relationship between nature and human society.  

Upcycling is a process by which a waste material is transformed into a new material or product. In the case of BROKISGLASS, upcycling involves the transformation of glass shards that would otherwise be sent to a landfill into a sophisticated new material, giving rise to a product that helps improve the quality of the environment. 

BROKSIGLASS is ideal in any project requiring the creation of an original ambience by applying a new dimension and aesthetic in glass.  

The price of the material is always based on individual client specificationsWrite us, and we will tailor a price quote for you.