STRING is an analogue of the winter DEC collection. This time, however, BROKISGLASS has been used to animate some of the most traditional motifs of spring, including those of the Easter holiday. These classic springtime images span generations and borders alike and bear witness to a remarkable symbiosis. 

The STRING collection comprises unique springtime decorations, which make beautiful adornments to your holiday dining table or special gifts for loved ones to help usher in the new season. They can be hung in windows, where the enchanting properties of BROKISGLASS are made especially apparent by penetrating daylight. This refraction of light plays a very important role in the collection, giving rise to an unforgettable appearance and holiday ambience. May the collection make your home all the more enjoyable this spring.

The decorations come in two sizes (S 8,5 cm x 5,8 cm and M 12,5 cm x 5,8 cm) and nine colours of BROKISGLASS (Amber triplex opal BG, Cognac triplex opal BG, Green Apple triplex opal BG, Light Pink triplex opal BG, Orange triplex opal BG, Yellow triplex opal BG, Turquoise triplex opal BG, White – Triplex opal BG) and are adorned with a beautiful white ribbon and silver end caps for an extra special touch.